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Brush Cutters
Brush cutters have the ability to cut through overgrown brush along with cutting in difficult-to-reach locations where larger equipment cannot reach. The life of the blade depends on materials being cut and the cutting iteration.
Fogging Machines
We are offering the Agrimate thermal fogging machine, which uses petrol as the fuel. Its fuel tank has the capacity to hold 1.5 liters of petrol. Further, its flow rate is 8-42 L / HR.
Lawn Mowers
Here, you can find the ideal quality lawn mowers that have the standard specifications of cutting height, cutting width, and specific number of cutting stages. Apart from this, the lawn mowers can be selected based on their fuel tank capacity and fuel consumption.
Chain Saws
We are offering different types of chainsaws that are a popular transportable, motorized instrument which has spinning sharp-edged metal teeth. These teeth are of the best quality and have the capacity to cut through different types of wood like tree trunks and branches. In this range, we are providing electric and petrol versions. The most common applications of our chainsaws are to limb, prune and cut wildland firebreaks. Aspee chain saw is one of the main chain saws that is perfect to cut the orchard's branches such as mango, apple, orange and others. These are also used to gather firewood, bucking, and falling.
Water Pump Sets
We are offering different types of water pump sets that are used for mechanical transfer of water from one place to another. These operate by using gasoline or petrol. You can choose the ideal water pump sets based on type of cooling, such as forced air and the number of cylinders.
Earth Augers
We are providing different types of earth augers that allow simple drilling into all types of grounds, even the strongest ones. Depending on the type of fuel and the capacity of the fuel tank, customers can make the selection of the right equipment.
Portable Gensets
We are offering different types of portable gensets that are used in households, construction sites and other locations, where less wattage and voltage of electricity is needed for some time.
Hedge Trimmers
We are offering petrol and electric operated hedge trimmers that are suitable for cutting thin and lightweight bushes apart from branches and twigs. Both the versions of hedge trimmers have a maximum cutting thickness of 20mm.
Power Sprayers
We are offering a host of power sprayers which are provided in standard and portable versions. These are a convenient piece of equipment that are used in agriculture for the purpose of spraying and watering.
Bio Shredders
Bio Shredders are available in a variety of technological parameters to meet the needs of our customers. They are made using high-quality materials and cutting-edge machinery in accordance with industry requirements. They are tested under various parameters to ensure their high quality and effectiveness.
Honda Multi Purpose Engines
Honda Multi-Purpose Engines are much more fuel efficient than before. For improved fuel efficiency, precision camshaft design provides precise valve timing and appropriate valve overlap. Because of the overhead valve design, efficiency and power transfer are improved. They are very easy to install as well as simple to use.
Trash Pumps
Trash Pumps are as simple to use as attaching the hose and dropping it wherever you need it in a small space. Leaves, pebbles, and twigs are among the waste and substances that these pumps are designed to handle. They are used to transfer significant amounts of dirty water with solids.
Needle And Concrete Vibrator
In the range of needle and concrete vibrators, our customers demand needle vibrators more. This product has an auto air cooled needle and a craving handle which ensures its easy portability.
Power Tiller
We are providing the best performing power tillers that are used in the agricultural industry by the farmers. This equipment is used to accurately prepare the seed for the crop to be planted.
PVC Suction Hose
All types of PVC suction hoses are used in the agricultural segment for the purpose of pumping and moving different types of materials such as liquid, powder, and granules. These are smooth to hold and easy to operate

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